Exactly 1 year ago we started a new UX design community called UX Belgrade. Since then we are successfully achieving our goal to educate, share experiences and ideas by organizing meetups twice a year. Community responded very well, and is now expanding as much as 500+ people in our meetup.com group and other social media.

The time has come to meet up again. This time it’s going to be in a place called Fabrika Beograd.

Think. Learn. Talk. Connect. Have fun. Enjoy. @fabrikabeograd

It’s the industrial vibe that attracted us to this place. You get that feeling that this is a place where things are about to get manufactured, to get done and shared among others. In our case the ideas and inspiration are about to get born.

And who are the people who are going to inspire us this time, you ask?
We’ve introduced you to our new host Bojan Đuričić in the last post, now let us introduce you to our speakers.

Ivan Gošić & Mladen Marković – Nordeus

Ivan Gošić a multidisciplinary UI/UX Designer at Nordeus, an award-winning and independent games developer. As part of the Top Eleven team and the Art team lead, Ivan is also responsible for the game’s user interface design and user experience.

With more than ten years of experience in interactive design, branding and motion graphics, Ivan has worked for high profile companies in the web industry in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. He has also cooperated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Renault, British Telecom and startups Banjo and Nestpick.

Bringing his passion for high-quality design to the gaming industry, Ivan finds his inspiration in 3D motion graphics, video, photography and animation. Aside from his work in design and his love for sci-fi, futurism and innovation, Ivan is an avid karting driver and dancer.

Mladen Marković is a Game Designer at Nordeus. As part of Top Eleven’s usability testing team, Mladen is tasked with designing the best possible in-game player experience. 

With four years of experience in the free-to-play gaming industry, Mladen started working at Nordeus as a Test Engineer before becoming a Game Designer. A role that allows him to build strong connections with his users, Mladen sees his task as continual problem solving in order to bring players’ wants and needs to life. 

A graduate of Belgrade University’s School of Electrical Engineering, Mladen has a big passion for football and games. A communicative person who loves to spend time with people, he’s looking forward to meeting new people at this conference.

These two amazing guys are going to speak about their own experience in Designing UX in Top Eleven.

Top Eleven is the most played online sports game in the world, with more than 140 million registered users around the globe on web, Android and iOS devices. With such a number of users the user experience is one of the most important parts of the game. In previous year Top Eleven came up with innovative and unique way of communicating with the users through testing and processes that Mladen and Ivan are going to bring to wider audience. Inside story of how do they work, what issues did they encounter and successfully solved in game’s recently released features.

– This speech is going to be in English, so that people from all around the world can join in.

Mihailo Konatarević – Freelancer

Mihailo is 29 years old product designer from Belgrade with several years of digital experience. He prefers working on User Experience & Interface Design with strong attention on researching all aspects of the end-user’s interaction. Passionate about his work, he feels comfortable in dynamic and constantly changing environment. He has history of pleasant and effective team leadership, working with UX people, visual designers, developers, executives and stakeholders. He enjoys working with people, specially if they have the same passion he has – for what they do. 

Mihailo is going to use his freelance experience to speak about Visual Library.

What is a visual library and how does that apply to your career and growth as a designer? It is important to have a strong visual library so you can know what parts to steal and what to avoid. So you can recognize what makes something “good” versus “bad”, and to develop your own sense of taste. It is necessary to develop a sense of who you are as a designer and who you want to be.

Petar Ačanski – Saturized

Petar Ačanski is an Art director at Saturized – Digital Creative Agency from Novi Sad. He has 11 years of experience in web industry, self-starter projects in numerous creative fields and a great passion in finding new ways to enhance user experience. Working with different clients on various projects throughout the years gave him a deep understanding of how users think and how to deliver value at every touch point. Currently, he’s taking the lead without taking the spotlight.

Petar will give us an insight of how to Effectively estimate and plan UI/UX design projects. 

Getting the background you’ll need to make UX/UI design decisions and learning ways to gather information are crucial steps before you immerse yourself in the project. What’s the next step? Cleverly using previously gathered knowledge, tools and techniques in order to create valuable estimation and achieve great results. Let’s make that happen!

After these three amazing speeches we are going to have a panel discussion, where our speakers are going to have a live conversation about various UX topics. Feel free to join in, bring up a topic and ask questions.

Don’t forget to RSVP and save your seat for the upcoming event. It’s going to be the blast! See you there!