In our previous post we welcomed Janko Jovanovic, our first speaker.  Today we would like to introduce another great designer, Luka Peric. He is from Zagreb, Croatia and is currently working as design lead at Infinum, an independent design and development agency.

About Luka

Luka’s skills are various, he has experience with branding, typography, mobile and web design, as well as writing and editing. He is a wearer of many hats. He has successfully completed visual communications in Zagreb, and after a few years of working in a traditional design agency, he decided to test the waters of digital design. Today he is working for Infinum, a leading Croatian design agency that focuses on building apps for the web and mobile devices.

Some of the big projects they have worked on are for companies like AgentCASH, Kvisko, Moj Vip, Erste mBanking, Dolcela etc. Luka also likes to share his knowledge and experience, and when he is not busy working on design projects, he likes to spend his time teaching and improving company processes. He is a teacher at Infinum Design Academy, and is helping designers with their first steps in the digital design world.

Luka Peric

His Talk

His talk will focus on what he knows best, and this is talking about developing an app. What it takes to develop an app from scratch, discussing the idea with client’s and getting it ready for the AppStore. Luka will take you through the whole process.

Make sure you have a look at his Dribbble, and start following him on Twitter. Don’t forget to check out his Medium profile, he writes about his work and experiences. A post that I found very interesting is Things I wish I had learned at design school, it has some great tips and words of encouragement for all designers.