For those of you who missed our first UX Belgrade Meetup that took place April 14, we thought we would share some of the highlights. Before getting into the details of the presentations, and looking at our brilliant speakers, here are a few words about what this means to us.

As designers working everyday on improving product and all aspect of web design, we wanted to create a space where creatives can meet and share ideas. The idea is to get together, and offer an opportunity for ideas to flow freely. There will be no sales pitches, no company promotions or influences over topics and locations of our meetups. We want this to be for designers, by designers (as cheesy as that sounds!).

Although, April 14 was our first meetup, we did our best to gather as many of you as possible, and that was the moment the UX Belgrade community was born. It’s a safe haven for us creatives to meet, help and inspire each other. Here you can meet new friends, maybe even future colleagues, but most importantly be surrounded by like minded people. The presentations are intended to be thought provoking, and useful for us to exchange experiences.

The UX Belgrade meetup is made up of all aspects of design, we welcome everyone and all interests. There is something for everyone, interested in the visuals, or problem solving with design, you can find it here in our community. We are here to bring together the beauty and usefulness of design. William Morris, English designer, poet and novelist said it much better. He said,

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

So, let’s get together and make useful and beautiful designs. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or if you are new to the industry. All you need is to be interested and open minded. We aim to make this a regular event for creatives in this region, so that one day we can create something big together.

Welcome to our UX Belgrade Meetup community!

Our Speakers

If we haven’t said it enough, here is another big THANK YOU for those of you who agreed to stand up and share your ideas in front of everyone.  You were great (and brave), and we can all agree that the meetup wouldn’t have been so successful without you. You can expect after each meetup to be able to take a look at the presentations.

So, let’s have a look at the previous presentations.

Cheap, Fast & Good Design

by Bojan Đuričić

Mockups are dead, long live prototypes! But wait – showing hi-fi demos gives you the best feedback, but also burns your time & hurts your project budget. What’s the right level of detail & interaction? How do we can rapidly prototype dirt-cheap, yet good-enough UX?

Designers & Developers Together For Better UX

by Nenad Ivanović

Collaboration between designers and developers is the most important part in creating amazing products. Nenad told us a story about overcoming communication barriers throughout the product development process, in order to create better User Experience.

UX Court

by Petar Stojaković & Đorđe Vanjek

In UX everything is correct until proven wrong. Petar and Đorđe have talked about some basic approaches in the UX process as well as the some of the interesting early testing techniques. They also present some of the real-world examples that they completed most recently.

October 20 KC Grad, Be There or Be Square

This was just a taster of what our meetups look like, come and experience it for yourself. The atmosphere unfortunately can’t be transcribed into words, all I can say is that you will experience a creative buzz, and become a part of something bigger than yourself.

Keep it simple, and see you there!