Join us on 23 November @ 6PM

ICTHub Playground



The time has come to meet up again folks. Write the date down in your calendar and meet us, this time in ICTHub Playground.



Come on time and reserve your seat for the talks. Make yourself comfortable and chill out while speakers are getting ready.


How to Create an Investment Application for Ordinary People?

While it is an ever-growing industry, investing is still considered to be reserved only for brokers and crypto enthusiasts. Even though more people are getting interested in it, the technology behind all the shiny crypto coins, the stock market, and forex investment are complex. This uncertainty along with not-so-user-friendly interfaces is off-putting for most people. This is the story about how our team is trying to remove those hurdles and enable everyday people to engage in asset trading and investing.


Design by Magic: Applying the Techniques of Magic to User Experience Design

Have you ever wondered what techniques stage magicians use to manipulate your perception? Or how they influence the choices made by audience volunteers? The chances are that you have not considered is how handy those skills would be for a UX designer. What might you achieve with your design if you were better able to manipulate perception and behavior? In this talk, David draws out the connections between magic and user experience design and teaches principles that you can apply to user experience design.



Let's mingle with our friends and colleagues, share your experience and ask extra questions to the speakers. We are going to have a special magical guest as a surprise!


Who is it for?

We are looking for UX Design professionals, but encourage designers in general, as well developers, researchers, and product owners to name a few, to join us. In case you’re interested in learning and sharing your experience on the topic of User Experience - Welcome to the party!


This is a hot topic for all designers out there, no matter in which industry you are - so be sure to not miss it.


As designers, we love developers. Together with you, we can make awesome things!


Without research, analytics, copywriting and many other things our designs may not solve problems. Help us help you.

Product Owners

All the business and product owners should understand what good UX can mean to their customers. Why not you?



We are more than proud to host these two amazing designers, who have decided to share with us their stories.

  • valentina

    Nevena travels often to talk about storytelling, and how to engage your audience with content marketing. When she is not working you can find her skiing, running or trying to do acro yoga.

    Valentina Filipović
    UI/UX Designer
  • david

    Ryan is working in a largest hosting company for seven years. Creating human-centric teams is his primary gig.

    David de Léon
    Director of Design and Innovation
  • Djura

    Đura will be your host and moderator. He has 10+ years of experience in digital product design with focus on user interaction.

    Bojan Đuričić


We are inviting you to come to ICTHub Playground, an innovative, creative and most of all playful place (Kralja Milana 10 Belgrade).

Playground is a place where people can create together, explore new technologies, learn from each other, exchange their ideas and experiences. Playground is also working on stimulating startup and IT community in Serbia.



We are more then happy to have had such an awesome crew on board who helped make this happen. Each of these nice people made organizing all of the UX Belgrade meetups a piece of cake. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Many more are joining in the next meetup editions, so stay tuned.