Join us on April 27th @ 6PM

Fabrika Beograd



The time has come to meet up again folks. Write the date down in your calendar and meet us, this time in Fabrika Beograd.



Come on time and reserve your seat for the talks. Make yourself comfortable and chill out while speakers are getting ready.


Designing UX in Top Eleven

In previous year Top Eleven came up with innovative and unique way of communicating with the users through testing and processes that Mladen and Ivan are going to bring to wider audience.


Visual Library

What is a visual library and how does that apply to your career and growth as a designer? Learn how to recognize what makes something “good”.


Effectively Estimating and Planning UI/UX Design Projects

Getting the background you'll need to make UX/UI design decisions and learning ways to gather information are crucial steps before you immerse yourself in the project.


Take a Break

Let's take a short break and prepare for the panel discussion between our speakers. Get ready to sit back and listen to the interesting conversation.

discussion panel

Discussion Panel

The best from our speakers is yet to come. Enjoy their conversation, and feel free to join in and ask questions.



Let us mingle down to the bar. Enjoy the conversation with your colleagues. There will be some basic snacks and drinks.


Who is it for?

We are looking for UX Design professionals, but encourage designers in general, as well developers, researchers, and product owners to name a few, to join us. In case you’re interested in learning and sharing your experience on the topic of User Experience - Welcome to the party!


This is a hot topic for all designers out there, no matter in which industry you are - so be sure to not miss it.


As designers, we love developers. Together with you, we can make awesome things!


Without research, analytics, copywriting and many other things our designs may not solve problems. Help us help you.

Product Owners

All the business and product owners should understand what good UX can mean to their customers. Why not you?



This time we are happy to listen to our colleagues who are renowned in a local design community.

  • Nordeus

    Ivan is responsible for the game’s UI and UX. Mladen is tasked with designing the best possible in-game player experience.

    Ivan Gošić & Mladen Marković
    UX & game designer
  • Mihailo

    Mihailo prefers working on UI/UX with strong attention on researching all aspects of the end-user’s interaction.

    Mihailo Konatarević
    Product designer
  • Petar

    Nikola likes to develop applications, and leads a design team in Belgrade. He has over 8 years of experience, and is ready to share this knowledge with us.

    UI designer
  • Djura

    Đura will be your host and moderator. He has 10+ years of experience in digital product design with focus on user interaction.



We are inviting you to come to Fabrika, a creative, modern, contemporary place, which will definitely inspire you. Meet us here on April 27th at 6pm.

The venue address is Bulevar Despota Stefana 115. It is located in an industrial zone of Belgrade, near Danube river. The entrance to the venue is from Poenkarova street. See you there!



We are more then happy to have had such an awesome crew on board who helped make this happen. Each of these nice people made organizing all of the UX Belgrade meetups a piece of cake. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Many more are joining in the next meetup editions, so stay tuned.